The movement is still strong, it never died
No more uncles in despair, thinking “at least we tried”
The power of the drum, shakes the foundations
Grips you like lightning, heart palpitations
All warriors to the center, time to be painted
No cameras allowed, lest the spirit be tainted
Grammas and aunties breathing sighs of relief,
Finally…reinforcements, these young ones believe
Enter the war cry and the LILILILILI, inexplicable spirit-the song we sing
Depths of our souls; powers of the earth we bring
Chills down our spines, we’re ready, for whatever may be
Feeling the power; our souls knowing the commitment
Even when we didn’t know, we knew that we missed it
We are not terrorists and we are not resistant
We are compassionate and loving, undying persistence
We know no other way than to love who we are
Happy to see the world with our eyes, no remote viewing from afar
The movement is the children as they play on the side, so happy so proud, nothing to hide
Spirits unconquerable, brave with the wind, humble pride
The movement is a father, teaching his son how to ride
The movement is a mother, not counting the tears she’s cried
Praying for her sons’ safety and her daughters on the rise,
Warriors evolving, more dangerous than bombs
I feel it coming in the air, the storm and the calm
The movements been here, guiding us along
We will always be here, forever and ever strong

Chase Iron Eyes (Last Real Indians)

(via stayn8ive)

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